Woman pours hot grease on armed man accused of breaking into home

Woman pours hot grease on armed man accused of breaking into home

Police say that a man endured burns all over his face after he tried to burglarize the home of an Alabaman woman who defended herself using a pot containing hot grease.

As per a statement from Decatur Police Department, the police received a call to probe into a domestic violence past Thursday and found 31-year-old Larondrick Macklin with burns across his face. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

A detective found that Macklin was a major aggressor in the dispute, as per a statement from the police. The court records say that Macklin came into the home of the woman with a gun and she defended herself with hot grease.

The relationship between the alleged victim and Macklin is not clear yet.

As the situation was of domestic in nature, the police didn’t have the liberty to discuss about the relationship between the suspect and victim at the time, said a spokeswoman for the police to USA Today.

After receiving medical treatment, Macklin was taken behind bars on charges of 1st-degree burglary and 1st-degree domestic violence. Macklin is currently held in Morgan County prison in lieu of USD 3000,000 bond. If convicted, Macklin may face a lifetime in prison sentence.

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