There are still 1.4 million more jobs than unemployed people, but the gap is closing

There are still 1.4 million more jobs than unemployed people, but the gap is closing

Job openings in the US lowered in June, indicating that the demand for labour continues to remain in tandem with slowing economy, reported the Labour Department on Tuesday.

The employment vacancies dropped from 7.38mn to 7.35mn in the month of May, as per JOLTS (Job Openings and Labour Turnover Survey). The report by JOLTS is watched over closely by the policy makers of the Federal Reserve to monitor the labour market.

The alteration in the job openings has left a gap between those who are considered unemployed and job vacancies at 1.37mn, a reduction of 123,000 since May. The unemployed are defined as the ones who don’t have work despite of looking for employment and are vacant for hire. Transportation, utilities and trade job vacancies were at 1.4mn, while health and education services as well as business and professional services stood at around 1.3mn each.

The no. of job quits reduced 55,000 to 3.43mn. This left the job quits rate amid overall workers unaltered at 2.3 percent.

With the unemployment rate at 3.7 percent this month, questions with regards to how adjacent the nation is to complete employment have persisted. The massive gap between the unemployed workers and jobs shows more space for movement.

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