Team Members

The team at Newz Board was brought together with the idea of creating a wholesome package that delivers news contents planned efficiently with ample editing and knack for precision. With a team comprised of reporters, story-tellers, editors, and website managers, we aim to create change in the journalistic industry like never before.

George Simon

With a need to bring relevant news content for the readers, George came up with a plan to create this creative platform. Apart from being the founder of Newz Board, he also covers the important headlines of the day with well-researched content.

Shanna Davies
Writer (Economy and Finance)

Shanna is a passionate analyst who loves to pitch in her talent for news pieces belonging to the finance and economy categories. Her knack for editing the news articles has made the platform better with time.

Richard Merring
Writer (Education)

Another creative writer and researcher in the team is Richard who used to work as a teacher himself. At Newz Board, he caters his knowledge for crafting data-packed news articles based on the education niche.

Andria Collins
Writer (Sports)

Andria has always loved being a part of the sports sector. As a tennis enthusiast herself, she can easily understand and decode everything associated with the sports domain. At Newz Board, Andria covers the most relevant sports news from various corners of the world.

Sandra Wilson
Writer (Technology)

Fascinated with the changing technology, Sandra has always been crazy about the latest gadgets and software that enter the market. With her talent to understand each and every aspect of technology, Sandra crafts intellectual news articles for Newz Board from the technology niche.