Parents express concern over Alabama’s education ranking

Parents express concern over Alabama’s education ranking

In the recent survey carried out by the United States News & World report, the education system of Alabama ranked at the 49th position in comparison to the top rankers of the nation. While the Alabamians prepare for yet another school session, parents are now chiming in for the changes they want to see implemented for the local schools.

For most of the Alabama-based parents, education is something that always requires more focus and attention. A local parent named Katelyn Croskey mentioned that adding features such as meditation is an essential discipline form. Better resources and food programs are essential for the education system to take a step forward to a major change.

Other parents surveyed for the education system changes mentioned that services such as counselling ensures every student can succeed. Janelle Sanders, another local parent mentioned that watching more services being implemented could be a good thing for the education system in Alabama. Elements such as counselling services meant for the troubled kids can help with better scores. Some states such as Oregon and Utah have now passed laws for allowing students to seek help with the day dedicated to better mental health.

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