Foreign countries are warning their citizens about U.S. travel after mass shootings

Foreign countries are warning their citizens about U.S. travel after mass shootings

Foreign nations have now initiated warnings for the citizens travelling to the U.S. which could place them in the line of risk for becoming victim of mass shooting. On Monday, a statement acquired from the Foreign Ministry of Uruguary warned about the increasing indiscriminate violence being experienced in the United States.

This statement urged the Uruguayan travellers to avoid the U.S. based shopping centers, theme parks, religious events, festivals, gastronomic fairs, or any variant of sporting or cultural events. The statement further mentioned that the U.S. authorities do not have the capability to prevent the mass shootings due to indiscriminate ownership of guns.

A similar variant of the statement was released by the foreign minister of Venezuela. It warned the citizens to completely avoid massive gatherings that can be vulnerable to mass shootings. On Sunday, the Detroit based Japanese Consulate published a caution that Japanese nationals need to be vigilant of potential gunfire incidents experienced all over the U.S. The statement also described it as a modern-day gun society.

These advisories came after 2 deadly gun shooting attacks which occurred in the United States within a short span of mere 24 hours.

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