Adult education classes being offered at Kansas workplaces

Adult education classes being offered at Kansas workplaces

Adult education plans offered by the school and colleges districts at Kansas are now moving towards the workplace to aid the employees with all the required skills. The Washburn University shall soon cater a conflict resolution for the staffers based at Ramada Hotel located in Topeka.

Moreover, the Dodge City Community College shall provide the lesson plans for customer service at the Boot Hill Casino. Multiple schools are now providing versatile English classes which are one among the highly sought-after expertise. The Paola School District director for Adult Education Center, Karen Ulanski, mentioned that there is a rapid and significant shift taking control over the education sector.

Supporters for these programs mention that these classes aid businesses, schools, as well as workers. Not just that, schools can also offer the classes without actually waiting for the students to get enrolled. With these methods, businesses attract as well as retain the skilled workers. The best benefit of these education classes is the fact that the workers get access to free classes with no need to visit a new or far off location, reported the Kansas News Service.

This particular trend comes after the official Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act, 2014, was passed.

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